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Science Heroes by Kaufee Science Heroes by Kaufee
Original characters first to react to the devastation!!!
Characters inspired by IronMan, Batman,Spider-Man, and Yellowjacket!!!

Support Kaufee Comics by Faving and Watching!!!
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Tsukasa57 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
LegacyHeroComics Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Your cityscapes are AMAZING!
I've never seen anything like it.
What's your secret?
Gotta be more to it than a steady hand and a ruler.
Kaufee Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
With this one I closely referenced a photo for the sides and tops of the buildings, then just minipulated a couple different window sets for variety. All digitally using a wacom tablet!
Thanks for all the interest!!!
LegacyHeroComics Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Whenever I see something artistically well done, I'm always interested in the "how".
Especially when it relates to what I do.

Some artist don't care to reveal the tricks of their trade so readily.

Thanks for sharing.
I appreciate it.
NonieR Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Hmm. The heroes look fascinating, but--if you'll forgive a bit of crit?

I find the random crosshatching and doodling on the heroes kinda jarring, especially in contrast to the clean-lined buildings.

More personal opinion follows; feel free to delete unread.

I follow from your gallery that the doodling and crosshatching is your regular style, but it doesn't happen to work for me personally, because unnaturally angled lines make the characters look less real, and therefore distract our eyes from the characters and story.

It works well for deliberately stylized characters like, say, Archie, and I do follow that some people like stylized heroes as well, like Mike Allred's X-Statix. But even those X-Statix characters, if you look at the art, have lines that mostly follow natural curves around muscles and folds, rather than cutting across 'em with cross-hatched lines where no lines would be.

So for me--me personally--I'm less likely to read your comic because the out-of-place lines are jarring to my eyes, like those old comics where the colors didn't quite align, or early attempts at CGI. Me, I want to see your heroes as who they are, and not be distracted by mild queasiness that pulls me back out of suspension of disbelief.

I'm not arrogant enough to assume you oughtta change your style just to suit one weirdo, but thought you'd want to know the issue exists.

We now return you to your snort, your eye-roll, and your regular fans. ;)
Kaufee Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I appreciate all feedback and enjoy hearing others opinion of my work. Thanks for the comprehensive critique.
NonieR Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
Hey, thanks for the patient response! Just re-read my original message and it's bitchier than I had in mind. What I was TRYING to say is, this is cool! And 'cause it's cool, I'm frustrated that I happen to find that one element hard to look at.

It's a personal failing of mine, more than anything else. Mike Mignola is one of the best and most original comics artists ever, and I can't read more than a page or two of his without getting a little queasy too. (I think it's the body parts that don't quite connect, in his case, though I'm okay with Frank Miller's half-lit shapes for some reason.)

Thanks for not flaring up over my being an ass-hat. (An asshat-ess? Whatever.)
Lordwormm Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010  Hobbyist
Wow, you are just blowing me away with this!
Skaramine Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
With some Doctor Fate mask action thrown in. Love the wings.
lenlenlen1 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
how did you do the buildings?
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